Studio 2015

“Architecture makes music stand still; here time turns to space” —Robert Kelly The aim of the studio was the study of Architectural Language focused on Structure and Light. Emphasis was given on interior spaces with their inspiration in musical fragments. This experimental studio was conducted in three parts. Part One: Language. Each student did a geometrical analysis in terms of linear, planar or volumetric language of a canonical example of modern architecture. Part two: Synthesis of ‘linguistic collisions’. The students worked in teams of two and synthesized spatial fragments, focusing on structure and light. Each group developed physical models within two cubes of 16x16x16 inches in scale 1/4” = 1’-0”. Part three: Music: Blocks of Movement / Time The final projects were developed in relation with a music fragment selected by composer Raphael Mostel, such as Raintree Sketch II (by T. Takemitsu), Mikka S (by I. Xenakis) or Coptic Light (by M. Feldman). The music concepts and architecture merged for the design of a new 54,000 sqf Studio Building for Architecture and Music sited at the campus of Tokyo University of Arts. Blocks of Movement/ Time were presented in video and physical models for the final review. Steven Holl and Dimitra Tsachrelia with composer Raphael Mostel