Studio 2008

The studio will study an important historical exhibition, which questioned what architecture is. “ANarchitecture, 1974” was an exhibition co-curated by Gordon Matta Clark and the ANarchitecture Group: Jene Highstein, Suzi Harris, Richard Nonas, Laurie Anderson and Bernard Kirshenbum. The original exhibition twisted and redefined architecture. A hole in the ground that lead to an underground area became architecture, a pile of trash became architecture…Jene Highstein said, “to relate it to the human interaction was the key […] The hole didn’t have to be big enough to get into—but if you could put your mind into it, it became architecture.” Ground rules for this studio were similar to first exhibition: all material is to be Black and White. Any photography is to be black and white. Any video works are to be black and white. Steven Holl and Nick Gelpi with composer Raphael Mostel