Kiasma Museum one of the top 50 museums to visit in a lifetime

Domus names Kiasma Museum, Helsinki, as one of the top 50 museums to visit in a lifetime.

“Kiasma is the first museum designed by Steven Holl, who, up to that point, had only completed a few projects while running a small studio akin to an atelier for conceptual designs and fresh architectural concepts… The building aimed to serve as a catalyst for a new urban configuration, fostering increased foot traffic while providing serene and well-illuminated environments for direct art experiences. Light plays a crucial role in this architecture, particularly given Helsinki’s unique light conditions, which are never constant due to continuous meteorological shifts and are notably horizontal due to its high latitude. The interplay of reflections is often viewed as a means of indirectly guiding natural light.”

Since opening in 1998, Kiasma continues to make contemporary art accessible to the public through exhibitions, performances, events, and educational programs while collecting and preserving cultural heritage as part of the Finnish National Gallery. Visit Domus for the full feature.

Stay tuned: this fall 2024 Steven Holl Architects’ newest residential design Meander Housing opens, marking the studio’s second project in Helsinki.

Photos 1, 4 © Paul Warchol; photos 2, 3, 5 courtesy Kiasma Museum