“‘Tesseracts of Time’ Explores Time and Space Through Dance and Architecture”

“You saw the reconciliation of dance and architecture, two art forms that seem to contradict in time and space. Dance disappears in a split second. Architecture is supposed to last forever. Dance travels. Architecture stays in place. Yet here, both lasted and disappeared, traveled and stayed still. They were one in the same…”

– Alexandra Villarreal, Huffington Post
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Our collaboration with Jessica Lang Dance was commissioned by the Chicago Architectural Biennial and premiered on Friday November 6th at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance in Chicago.

Photos: Todd Rosenberg
Pictured in first photo: Kana Kimura, John Harnage, and Eve Jacobs
Pictured in second photo: Clifton Brown, Kana Kimura, Randy Castillo, Laura Mead, Milan Misko, John Harnage, Eve Jacobs, Julie Fiorenza and Jammie Walker.