Steven Holl Watercolors Included In “The Temptation of the Diagram,” An Exhibition Organized by Matthew Ritchie At Andrea Rosen Gallery

“This modest exhibition is not a history of the diagram, or a complete overview of its status, presence and use today, but rather compelling examples of a specific kind of diagram; hand-made diagrams by artists that describe imaginary spaces, diagrams of pure ideas. These diagrams are, as Leeb puts it “A tool for the making of relationships and for the abandonment of rational procedure.” Perhaps they can somewhat counter the residual presumption that thinking runs counter to aesthetic contemplation; that information is not beautiful. Perhaps we can see these diagrams as the artists do, central to their thinking and our thinking about art-making.”

“The Temptation of the Diagram” is on view from March 29 – April 27, 2013 at Andrea Rosen Gallery, Gallery 2 located at 544 West 24th Street.