Steven Holl to speak at Soongsil University in Seoul, Korea Monday, October 1

Steven Holl will give the 6th Presidential Lecture at Soongsil University on Monday, October 1, 2018. Giving the lecture in the Reverend Han Kyungchik Memorial Hall, Holl will discuss the theme of “Making Architecture”.
Professor of Architecture Kim Jung-in helped organize the lecture and will introduce Holl. He told Joongang Daily Newspaper in regards to Soongsil University’s selection: “Steven Holl reinterpreted the platform of contemporary architecture, which had become somewhat dry, with a unique sensitivity with themes of different spatial phenomena such as experience, material and light. Furthermore, he is known as an architect that has elevated architecture to a new horizon by enriching and expanding its possibilities. He is widely recognized as one of the most original leaders within the realm of contemporary architecture, and will indeed be a strong inspiration to the students.”
The lecture coincides with the opening of the exhibition “Steven Holl: Making Architecture” in Seoul. The exhibition will be on view at Soongsil University from October 1 to October 28, as part of the Architecture and Urbanism Festival. It will then move to the Seoul City Museum, where it is on view from November 9 through January 11.
Read the rest of the Joongang Daily Newspaper article (in Korean) here. Learn more about “Steven Holl: Making Architecture” here.