Steven Holl: Making Architecture Exhibition Opens in Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 08, 2019

Steven Holl: Making Architecture will be on view at ARCHI-DEPOT Museum, November 8th, 2019, through January 18th, 2020. There will be a lecture by Steven Holl on November 12th, 2019.

"In the rapidly changing practice of architecture, all aspects of creativity and production are quickened at unprecedented levels and the standard method of how an architect works is increasingly mediated by technology. This situation generates interesting questions about our built environment and the potential for architecture’s future existence as an expressive art form. Certainly the mediation of the computer is an asset to the architect, but as the human hand is eliminated in the making of architecture, how a building ultimately looks and how it behaves and even feels to occupants is altered. The hand-mind connection achieves subtleties and nuances of color, materiality, light, and space that the computer does not.

This exhibition, part of the Dorsky Museum’s “Hudson Valley Master’s Series,” explores Holl’s distinctive process of making architecture through  eleven of his current projects. Despite the broad geographic range, extending across four continents, and the programmatic diversity from healthcare facilities to libraries, art centers and museums, each of these projects involves the thinking-making coupling of well-functioning architecture."
– Nina Stritzler-Levine, Curator


Steven Holl: Making Architecture in the press:
“Steven Holl: Making Architecture examines the works of one of the most renowned and in-demand architects of his times who has managed to preserve the integrity and quality of his work by resisting corporatization.” — Blouin Artinfo
“The title of this exhibition, Making Architecture, aptly reflects Holl’s approach to the business of designing private houses and major urban projects. He is as much an artist as an architect.”
—Artist Michael Bro