Steven Holl Honored as University of Washington Department of Architecture Distinguished Alumni

Steven Holl was honored as University of Washington’s Department of Architecture’s inaugural Distinguished Alumni at a reception Saturday among the University of Washington’s students, faculty and supporters.

Tom Kundig, a past student of Holl’s and Founding Principal of Olsen-Kundig Architects in Seattle had the following remarks on Steven in his introduction:

“Stevens career is a life career of an optimistic, continuing vigorous life relentlessly lived. We are all lucky to have that spirit continue to support Architecture with all its promise.

He came back to the UW School of Architecture for an all too brief moment to teach. He changed many of our lives. But he was a young teacher full of courage and hope. What many of us might expect. That spirit can be seen in many young academics and practitioners.

The Hallmark legacy for me is the spirit to MAINTAIN that courage and optimism EXPLORING the potential of Architecture in all its function and poetry….regardless of the exhausting hours and negative forces. A lesson here for all of us. An artist’s heart.”

-Tom Kundig