Steven Holl Architects’ ONE TWO FIVE Sculpture Installed at Art Omi

November 12, 2018 — Steven Holl Architects’ celebrates the installation of One Two Five, a sculpture cnc cut out of 21-million-year-old Lecce stone, at The Field Sculpture Park at Art Omi.
Originally created for a solo-exhibition at Galleria Antonia Jannone, Milan in April, the sculpture has been installed in Art Omi’s Architecture Field 01, as part of the Art Omi: Architecture program. It will remain for two years on the site. The sculpture’s five elements directly relate to five points:
1. Structure: Luminist structure stresses the horizontal in space.
2. Measure: 1:1.618 is an abstract ideational order.
3. Light: Luminist light tends to be cool and hard.
4. Silence: Luminist silence implies presence through thereness rather than activity.
5. Size: intimacy is the luminous scale.
One Two Five is a pivotal piece in the Architecture Fields at Art Omi,” says Art Omi: Architecture Director Warren James. “Up close there is a delicate intimacy to One Two Five and one can see an implied monumentality from afar.” 
Installation made possible with support by ArtArc.