Steven Holl Architects and Artist Agnieszka Kurant Selected in Unanimous Vote as the Winning Team of the EXPO Albania International Competition

Steven Holl Architects and artist Agnieszka Kurant selected in a unanimous vote as the winning team of the EXPO Albania international competition.

Art drives the architecture of this new iconic center for Tirana. In collaboration with artist Agnieszka Kurant, this iteration of her “End of Signature” will collect signatures from local Tirana communities and fuse them into a single collective signature, forming a wandering line. Traversing the rectangular volumes of the expo center, the line, produced as a continually transforming computer-animated LED light sign, shapes the CLT roof trusses in a dancing rhythm.

The project aspires to the highest ecological standards with geothermal heating and cooling, state of the art white solar shingles to harness all electricity. Skylights provide natural light that can also be blackened for events. A large reflecting pool of recycled rainwater and graywater shapes public space. The expo park reuses excavated earth to create mounds as acoustic buffers in rewilding landscape.

Local heritage, like Albania’s 3,000-year-old wine culture, is celebrated in the adjacent wine hotel, demonstration vineyards, and wine trade festivals that will be hosted in the new expo hall.

Jury members noted “the art becomes architecture,” and commended “we’re certain that Albanians will grow fond of this building quite quickly, because the jury unanimously decided that the winner is the team of Steven Holl Architects.” Prime Minister Edi Rama concluded the presentations by stating “with architects, great things can be done.”

The winning team comprises Steven Holl Architects, Agnieszka Kurant, Atelier 4, Atelier Markgraph, Stoss, and Arup.