Steven Holl and Dimitra Tsachrelia Lecture at Colours of Ostrava Festival July 19

On July 19, 2024, Steven Holl and Dimitra Tsachrelia will present “The Architectonics of Music” at the Meltingpot Forum during the Colours of Ostrava Festival. Illustrating concepts such as ‘notation,’ ‘chance/experiment’, and ‘space: acoustics,’ Steven and Dimitra will present several SHA projects including the Ostrava Concert Hall. They will be joined by Mayor Jan Dohnal for a conversation following the lecture.

“Music, like architecture, is an immersive experience—it surrounds you. One can turn away from a painting or a work of sculpture, while music and architecture engulf the body in space.” – Steven Holl

Meltingpot is the largest interdisciplinary forum in Europe with over 30,000 visitors across 10 venues. More details via the Meltingpot Forum.