Sliced Porosity Block recognized by The Council of Tall Buildings

Sliced Porosity Block, Chengdu, China, has been recognized by The Council on Tall Buildings. Creating a metropolitan public space instead of object-icon skyscrapers, this three-million-square-foot project takes its shape from its distribution of natural light. The required minimum sunlight exposures to the surrounding urban fabric prescribe precise geometric angles that slice the exoskeletal concrete frame of the structure. Despite its height, Sliced Porosity Block establishes human scale through the concept of “micro urbanism” with public plazas, water gardens, and double-front shops open to the streets.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, a leading organization toward sustainable vertical urbanism, awarded our Linked Hybrid in Beijing the Best Tall Building Worldwide and Best Tall Building Asia & Australia in 2009, and the 10-year Award of Excellence.

Photos © Kris Provoost
Watercolors courtesy Steven Holl