Prati di Tivo in The Plan

Diana Carta on SHA-designed Prati di Tivo masterplan in Abruzzo, Italy: “Attention to the environment in this project goes beyond the materials and technologies used, aspiring to the even higher objective of preserving the surrounding landscape while also supporting Edward Osborne Wilson’s idea of ‘half earth’… Founded on an approach that turns anthropocentricism on its head, the masterplan for Prati di Tivo is architecture that respects the mountain and listens in reverence to the silence of the stone. The project plays out in the physical dimensions of its space, while connecting to its changing ebbs and flows by focusing on integrating with the natural setting.”

Models and drawings for the Prati di Tivo masterplan are currently on view in Steven Holl: Half Earth in the final days of the exhibition at Antonia Jannone Disegni di Architettura, Milan, Italy.

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