Yining He, LFA

Yining He (b. Shaanxi, China) joined SHA in 2020 and was promoted to project architect in 2023. Yining is currently project architect for the Hudson L-House, under construction, and ‘Z’ Space, pending construction, as well as the completed Catskill Creek Addition (2022) and the Chungnam Museum competition (2021). Yining has contributed to several projects such as the Art-Life Interlock House (2021) and the Songshan Lake Complex competition (2020).

Yining obtained his Living Future Accreditation (LFA) in 2023 and has extensive experience in sustainable design. He is actively involved in projects pursuing LEED platinum and Living Future Challenge accreditation. Yining received his Master of Architecture from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Architecture from Tongji University, where he received the JWDA travel fellowship and UA travel fellowship.