ONE TWO FIVE now located at T Space

“ONE TWO FIVE” was originally installed April 18, 2018 at Antonia Jannone Gallery, Milan, in an exhibition of works by Steven Holl. The sculpture was re-installed November 10, 2018 at Art Omi in Ghent, NY, and has now moved to T Space's T2 Building on the 30-acre nature reserve in Rhinebeck on May 20, 2021. Each piece is carved out of 21-million-year-old stone “pietra di Lecce” by the latest CNC technology and assembled as a two-part sculpture, where the individual elements form space either in composition or freestanding.

1: Installation view in outdoor garden at Antonia Jannone Gallery, Milan, 2018.
2: Opening reception at Art Omi, Ghent, NY, November 10, 2018.
3: Installation view at T2 nature reserve, Rhinebeck, NY, 2021.