ON THE COVER: Architectural Record, “Steven Holl’s Queens Library: The Little Library That Could”

The Hunters Point Library is on the cover of the November issue of Architectural Record – "Steven Holl's Queens Library: The Little Library That Could."
"After a difficult gestation, Steven Holl Architects' building makes a grand entrance on the NYC waterfront. … The enigmatic calligraphic window openings etched across the Hunters Point Library command attention, drawing the eye from Manhattan across New York's East River to a waterfront site in the borough of Queens. Dwarfed by bland residential towers that march in heedless lockstep along the riverfront, this diminutive 82-foot-high structure, deisnged by Steven Holl Architects (SHA), "represents civic life for the whole community," says senior partner Chris McVoy." 

Text by James S. Russell, FAIA
Photography by Iwan Baan