New type of Polychrome Insulating Glass Invented for Maggie’s Centre

Installation of the Maggies Centre Barts façade is nearly complete.  The glass is a new invention of Polychrome Insulating Glass developed by Steven Holl Architects and glass manufacturer Okalux. 

“We all looked at the photos yesterday of the new centre where the installation of the cladding is now nearing completion. We were reminded of your earlier suggestion that one shouldn’t see the cladding material simply as another glass façade but rather we should see it as an entirely new material that is neither glass nor stone nor anything else.  

How right you were! You have pulled off a remarkable achievement of developing a material that is indeed like nothing else and, more importantly, is a truly fitting response to the historic setting.”  – Chris Watson, Property Director of Maggies Centres. 

We are very grateful for Maggie’s support in inventing this new material.