Maggie’s Centre Barts wins Dezeen’s Hospitality Building of the Year Award

Maggie’s Centre Barts has won Dezeen’s Hospitality Building of the Year Award! The inaugural award program honored the best in Architecture, Interiors, and Design.
Envisioned as a "vessel within a vessel within a vessel," Maggie’s Centre Barts is a the three-story structure of branching concrete frame. The inner layer is perforated bamboo and the outer layer is matte white glass with colored glass fragments recalling “neume notation” of Medieval music of the 13th century.
The judges said of the project: "This is a good statement to understand how we can expand the concept of hospitality to include solace, care and communality. An interesting semi-translucent take on an existing stone hospital, this building successfully deals with the complex historical context whilst balancing openness with privacy."
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