Loisium Spa Resort Hotel and Wine Center Designed by Steven Holl Architects

The Loisium Spa Resort Hotel and Wine Center designed by Steven Holl Architects is located in the beautiful Kamp Valley, 45 minutes outside of Vienna, Austria. Cutting edge modern architecture rises from the midst of an idyllic vineyard setting and pairs aesthetic (architectural design), culinary (food and wine) and sybaritic (spa) pleasures, and is the first resort of its kind in Austria. Wines of the region are highlighted in the restaurant’s cuisine and wine bar as well as in the Aveda Destination Spa.

The project is composed of three parts: the existing vaults, which were made accessible to visitors, the Wine Center, and the Hotel Spa Resort. The vault system’s geometry is transformed into an abstract three dimensional spatial language which forms the basis of the architecture. Each project element relates to the unique spaces of the vaults, while simultaneously having individual qualities of space, materials, light and experience. Three elements of the project stand in relation to a geometric field of vineyards and the surrounding landscape of wine production:

1. Under the ground: Existing Vaults
2. In the ground: The Wine Center and Ramp Connection
3. Over the ground: Spa Resort Hotel

The resort hotel includes 82 rooms and suites, the Vineyard Restaurant with seating for 130, a wine bar, a wine library, four conference rooms, a heated outdoor pool, offices and an Aveda Destination Spa facility housed on three floors. Steven Holl Architects’ trademark deft handling of space and light is further enhanced throughout architectural details in lighting, custom designed furniture, glass treatments and hardware. Materials used include integral colored concrete, stained concrete, mosaic tiles, wood, glass, steel and aluminum.

One of Austria’s best known chefs, Helmut Österreicher developed an elegant wine and spa cuisine for the Vineyard Restaurant, and says the cuisine is “An ultra clear, uncomplicated range which emphasises the authentic, regional cuisine subtly complemented with an international and healthy twist.”

Aveda celebrates its Austrian roots with its showcase Aveda Destination Spa experience, the first of its kind in Austria. Special treatments incorporate regional grapes, grape leaves and wine extracts, including the Barrique Cuvée Treatment, administered in a wine barrel. Aveda Spa facilities are located on three floors covering more than 950 square meters, and include treatment and consultation rooms, relaxation lounges, and an extensive sauna facility. www.aveda.com.

The Loisium Spa Resort Hotel and Wine Center celebrated their opening in November 2005. Located in the Kamp Valley, the gateway to the Wachau region is renown for its historic towns, castles and extensive leisure and cultural activities.