Linked Hybrid Wins 10 Year Award of Excellence at 2019 Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Awards

We are excited to announce that Linked Hybrid in Beijing, China was cho­sen as the Award of Excellence Winner in the 10 Year category of the 2019 Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Awards.
The 10 Year Award recognizes buildings that have maintained a high level of performance and quality over time. This award comes 10 years after Linked Hybrid won the CTBUH’s Best Tall Building Overall in 2009. We are honored to have the Linked Hybrid recognized again by CTBUH, and glad that the project has continued to perform so well over the past ten years.
The 220,000 square meter pedestrian-oriented Linked Hybrid complex, sited adjacent to the site of old city wall of Beijing, aims to counter current privatized urban developments in China by creating a new twenty-first cen­tury porous urban space, inviting and open to the public from every side. Filmic urban public space; around, over and through multifaceted spatial layers, as well as the many passages through the project, make the Linked Hybrid an “open city within a city”. The project promotes interactive relations and encourages encounters in the public spaces that vary from commercial, residential, and educational to recreational. The entire complex is a three-dimensional urban space in which buildings on the ground, under the ground and over the ground are fused together. 
SHA Beijing Partner Roberto Bannura and Yin Chen, Executive Director & CTO at Modern Land (China) Co. presented the building at the awards ceremony.