Explorations of “IN” is an ongoing research project under development at Steven Holl Architects since June 2014. Questioning current clichés of architectural language and commercial practice, Explorations of “IN” began with a manifesto. It has since developed in a series of exploratory drawings and CNC model studies such as Triple Venn Diagram Mutilation and Hybrid Combinations: Tesseract within a Cubic Sphere. More recent CNC models in laminated walnut, cut in Walla Walla, Washington, continue the research. Our aim of exploring what is possible in Architecture, to re-value the art of Architecture, aims at inner spatial energy, shaping public space and social openness. 

7-point manifesto for Explorations of “IN” project 
1. To study architecture freed from the purely objective.
2. From origins of Architecture we explore “IN.”

3. “IN”: All space is sacred space. 
4. The architecture of “IN” dominates space via space.
5. Intrinsic “IN” is an elemental force of sensual beauty.
6. “IN” is useless, but in the future will be used. Purpose finds “IN.” 
7. The thing containing is not the thing contained.

Presented in 2015 at the SLECET Art Fair, represented by WhiteBox Art Center at Center 548 in Chelsea, New York, NY.