Architecture Editor Nile Greenberg profiled Steven Holl in the October issue of the Brooklyn Rail. Read the full feature here.

“I constantly return to Keats’s ‘negative capability.’ The idea of embracing problems of the moment that you live in… Take them and move forward with the creative act, operating with uncertainty and being able to do really positive, exciting, creative work… That’s what feeds the soul. Like Osip Mandelstam, the great poet, said, ‘We need poetry like we need bread.’” – Steven Holl

Photo 1: Chapel of St. Ignatius, photo © Paul Warchol; photo 2: Storefront for Art and Architecture, photo © Paul Warchol; photo 3: Oblong Voidspace with Jene Highstein; photo 4: Nail Collector’s House, photo © Andy Ryan; image 5: University of Pennsylvania Student Performing Arts Center model.