Architectural Digest, “Inside an Experimental Off-Grid Modern Cabin”

Architectural Digest brings you two hours north of New York City to Rhinebeck, NY for an in-depth look at a home that feels like an inhabitable work of art. Architects Steven Holl and Dimitra Tsachrelia explain the design philosophy and inspiration behind their secluded, off-grid “architectural wonder in the woods,” breaking down the intent behind each design choice and how they work together to create a uniquely meditative but stimulating space.

“There is the old adage that Winston Churchill said: ‘First we shape our buildings, and then they shape us.’ This, now we know, is somewhat true. We passed into a new phase of understanding the importance of architecture. Light, space, volume [are] very important to human existence and to psychology.” – Steven Holl

“The most important thing is nature. Preserve what is here and allow for the wildlife to exist around the house.” – Dimitra Tsachrelia

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