The fourth in a series of studios focused on music and architecture, designed to develop cross-disciplinary inspiration to provoke work on new architectural language and directions. Architecture and music both have a tectonics of materials, structure and detail. Unlike a sculpture or a painting that one can turn away from, architecture forms spaces that you move through. Music is a similarly immersive experience, surrounding you. As John Cage said, “A composition is like a house that you can walk around in.” The first three weeks is an exercise to identify, explore and utilize elements of material, detail and tectonics. These elements will enrich and clarify the second exercise as an enabling condition parallel to music. In the second exercise, a new facility for music education is envisioned as a cultural catalyst facility funded by a new federal program focused on inner city sites across the USA. Students choose one of two corner urban sites in Brooklyn which have been selected for their prototypical qualities. Steven Holl and Haiko Cornelissen with composer Raphael Mostel