AIR LIGHT GREENSPACE: Post-Covid Lecture at El Paso County Community College

Steven Holl continues his lecture series titled "Air / Light / Greenspace: Post-Covid" at El Paso County Community College on April 23, 2021. This will be the 9th occasion of this lecture, focusing on past projects of Steven Holl Architects that hold potential lessons for a post-COVID architecture: the embrace of greenspace and landscape, maximizing fresh air and natural light, the facilitation of open circulation for social spaces, and ecological integration and innovation.
Select projects referenced are SHA's Nelson Atkins Museum of Art (2007), the University of Iowa Visual Arts Building (2016), the REACH Expansion at the Kennedy Center (2019), Linked Hybrid (2009), and the Doctorate Building at the National University of Colombia, Bogota (2010).
". . . Our architecture is intertwined with our existence in daily life in a way that architecture can put essence back into existence. The fusing of architecture with landscape embraces a core value of fundamental importance." – Steven Holl, 2020
The next lecture will be given over zoom for Aalto University and Oulu University on May 24, 2021.