Abitare, Federico Nicolao, September 2011
"The focus of our attention should be on Holl's wonderful architecture, which is as subtle inside, an imaginative recreation of what goes on "under the sea," as it is outside, where the building encounters "under the sky" what is universally acknowledged to be one of the finest stretches of coastline in the world. This interrelatedness of interior and exterior gives the building an impressive directness of statement that visitors can see as soon as they enter the museum, cross the plaza, linger under the portico or walk off across the roof. Wherever they are in this complex they participate in the dialogue between sea and landscape. ... It is striking that Holl, who has already given us a number of site-sensitive buildings, listened so humbly to what the land and seascapes had to say, confirming the impression that his architecture also comes from a profound exploration of context."
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