Seoul, Korea 2007



PROGRAM: mixed-use complex with offices, retail, cafe, sky bar, exhibition space, and double level vertical park
CLIENT: Seoul Metropolitan Government
    SIZE: 660,042 sq ft
STATUS: competition

The “weave” concept for this project refers to four different meanings: a double level and Vertical Park in the form of a weave; the old historic morphology of Seoul’s Kangbuk district with its intricate weave of streets, historic structures and gardens; the new role of the surrounding fashion district and textiles; and a 21st century aspiration to fuse landscape, urbanism and architecture.

The site’s historic trace of the ancient castle wall is envisioned to be reconstructed in cast glass blocks which are the same size and dimensions of the original stones. At night, these glass blocks will glow and add a special quality to the new landscape.

The basic morphology of the macro scale “weave” is based on a tri-axial fabric which yields six-sided voids. These spaces take on various configurations—skylights, gardens, water ponds, fountains¬—as the phase change of the “weave” responds to variations over the landscape.

At the site’s southwest corner, the “weave” suddenly turns vertical, forming an open porous framework for the relocation of a vertical section of the Park. The tri-axial structure is open with an open air carbon fiber weave curtain. On the upper level, elevators serve a sky bar and café, public observation deck and visitors information centre, while a large below grade public lobby joins all public circulation to the subway stations and underground shopping malls.


  • architect
    • – Steven Holl Architects
    • Steven Holl ( design architect )
    • Noah Yaffe ( associate in charge )
    • JongSeo Lee ( project architect )
    • Ayat Fadaifard, Gyoung-Nam Kwon, Chris McVoy, Woosik Min, Quang Truong (project team)
  • local architect
    • – Samoo Architects & Engineers