Milan, Italy 2013



PROGRAM: installation of six Lecce limestone blocks reflected in sheet of water
STATUS: complete

Inversion is cut from 21 million year old stone from a quarry in Lecce, Italy.

The process, beginning with a 5”x7” watercolor sketch in New York City, which is transformed into a 3d file, and then sent to a five-axis cutter in Lecce, required no working drawings.

Measuring 1.2 meters tall and weighing 2500 lbs, the Lecce limestone is digitally cut with a 5-axis CNC mill by the Lecce stone fabricator Pimar. The forms are a carved out rectangular stone block, and its direct reversal as a solid. Reflected in a sheet of water, these forms are again reversed.

At installation, the “Cortile del 700” in Milan is covered in gravel, remnants from the digital carving process.

In the evening they glow like stone lanterns, hovering and reflected in a sheet of water.

A video on INVERSION is available here.


  • architect
    • – Steven Holl Architects
    • Steven Holl ( exhibition concept )
    • Chris McVoy ( exhibition team )
    • David Alan Ross ( exhibition team )
    • Garrick Ambrose ( exhibition team )
    • Janine Biunno ( exhibition team )
    • Julia van den Hout ( exhibition team )