Dongguan, People's Republic of China 2012



PROGRAM: master plan mixed-use project
    SIZE: 4,843,760 sq ft
STATUS: competition

This Master Plan for the center of the rapidly growing city of Dongguan, China, we arrived at a heterogeneous approach, where buildings shape large public space and the latest green aspects are employed throughout.

The plan is shaped by seven distinct architectural types, arranged in a vertical section and a horizontal section. The vertical section is comprised of two towers based on “cadavre exquis.” The horizontal section contains the other six architectural types: Tropical Porosity Block, Green Beams, Triaxial Field, Fractal Towers, Driven Voids, and the Skylit Podium.

The conceptual cement holding the different types together is the lush tropical vegetation of this climate. Roofs have a hydropoint matt system allowing “Dongguan Grass” one meter high to cover all the roofs of the horizontal section. This yields a unique green view from the two towers in the vertical section.

As the overall concept is Hetergeneous Tropical Porosity, we imagined a reflection on Ancient Philosopher’s Stones with their variety of porosity types.