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Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008

PROGRAM: Office towers and civic spaces with a public walkway 65 meters above the harbor
CLIENT: ATP Ejendomme / CPH City and Port Development
STATUS: competition first prize

The LM Project design for the dramatic new harbor entrance to the great city of Copenhagen is based on a concept of two towers carrying two bridges at two orientations all connecting back to the unique aspects of the site's history. The Langelinie site, a berth for ocean ships for decades, is expressed in the Langelinie tower with geometry taken from the site's shape. A prow-like public deck thrusts out to the sea horizon. This deck is the level of public entry to the bridge elevators and has public amenities such as cafes and galleries. It can be reached by a wide public stair as well as escalators. The Marmormolen tower connects back to the City with a main terrace that thrusts out towards the city horizon shaped by a public auditorium below. It can also be reached by escalators and is adjacent to the public bridge elevator lobby.

Each tower carries its own cable-stay bridge that is a public passageway between the two piers. Due to the site geometry, these bridges meet at an angle, joining like a handshake over the harbor. The soffits below the bridges and under the cantilevers pick up the bright colors of the harbor; container orange on the undersides of the Langelinie, bright yellow on the undersides of the Marmormolen. At night the uplights washing the colored aluminum reflect like paintings in the water.
"Holl Architects' winning entry is defined by a number of pairs: two towers, with two bridges, oriented in two directions that connect the city with the site's history ... The project also boasts a stunning public walkway that rises 65 meters over the harbor, securing the development's status as an iconic new addition to Copenhagen's waterfront.", Guardian


– Steven Holl Architects
Steven Holl (Principal)
Noah Yaffe (Associate in Charge)
Chris McVoy (Project Advisor)
Rashid Satti (Competition Project Architect)
Justin Allen, Esin Erez, Runar Halldorsson, Fiorenza Matteoni (Project Team)

structural engineer
– HNTB Corporation
Ted Zoli (Bridge Structural Engineer)

mechanical engineer
– Niras
(Mechanical Engineers)
– Transsolar
(Climate Consultant)
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